Blockchance Europe 2021: Blockchain conference comes to Hamburg

Who does your data belong to? Who owns your money And who determines your future? In order to answer these questions, it is crucial which path society now takes.

Blockchain technology and the development of artificial intelligence are currently no less exciting branches than sustainability or leadership. That is why Blockchance Europe 2021 invites you to December 2nd to 4th one to order with over 4,000 participants and a top-class cast in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce to discuss. Contents such as sustainable blockchain investments or the future of finance are to be discussed in different formats as well as Bitcoin’s role in the global economy and the hype about NFTs. The organization team pursues a clear goal:

Blockchance’s vision is to educate society about the economic and social impact of blockchain, with a view to a positive and sustainable future.

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The who’s who of tech

The conference, which can take place as a face-to-face event thanks to the 2G rule, has prepared various formats, some of which can also be visited virtually with the online ticket. For this purpose, Blockchance 2021 has invited top-class speakers. On the one hand there is Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, today’s CEO of the blockchain company ConsenSys and Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy. The two will each give a lecture on use cases and investment.

On the other hand, representatives from the traditional financial sector with a crypto focus will also be present at the event. For example, Dr. Alexander Bechtel, Head of Digital Asset & Currency Strategy at Deutsche Bank and Raoul Pal, former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager and founder of Real vision through their respective departments.

But the other areas such as NFTs and sustainability are also staffed with well-known experts. Fabian Friedrich, founder and CEO of Blockchance, reveals to BTC-ECHO that not only the speakers but also the participants often come with a broad background. 20 percent of these are CEOs or executives.

Regardless of the pandemic, inspiring pioneers from diverse fields such as finance, digital payments, crypto trading, artificial intelligence (AI), and politics have registered for the conference

Fabian Friedrich, founder and CEO of BLOCKCHANCE

The Blockchance 2021 does not neglect any need: There are panel discussions and presentations, but also workshops and creative sessions. Those who want to actively continue their education also have the opportunity to take part in IT or blockchain courses or to visit the art gallery of Blockchance 2021. In addition, there will be a start-up award with prize money of up to 100,000 euros. But celebrations shouldn’t be neglected either. Fabian Friedrich:

Personally, I’m looking forward to the interactive side events and a martini on the 19th floor of the dancing towers in the middle of Hamburg. This makes business networking even more fun.

Fabian Friedrich, founder and CEO of BLOCKCHANCE

Block opportunity 2021 with political tailwind

The fact that Blockchance 2021 will take place in Hamburg is not only due to the dancing towers. The port city has already recognized the potential of the new technology and is actively promoting it. So says Hamburg’s Senator for Economic Affairs Westhagemann:

As the Senate, we want to promote the use of blockchain technology in important Hamburg industries, for example in the energy industry, logistics and the manufacturing industry

Senator for Economic Affairs Westhagemann

Hamburg’s First Mayor Peter Tschentscher can also be found at Blockchance 2021. Indeed, he is not only the patron of the political support, but also the opening speaker.

If you want to be there, you will receive with the voucher code BC21_BTC-ECHO Get a 10 percent discount on your online or face-to-face ticket. »here«You will be directed to the right pages.

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