Bitcoin corrected, but Sandbox (SAND) holds against: The reasons!

While Bitcoin and most of the crypto space are crashing, sandbox (SAND) is one of the few cryptocurrencies that is bucking the trend – why is that?

For the first time since the beginning of November, Bitcoin is trading below the psychologically important mark of $ 60,000. With a few exceptions, the key crypto currency has dragged almost all other crypto currencies with it.

One of those projects that is currently doing amazingly well, by contrast, is SAND, the native token of the Metaverse Sandbox project.

Despite the sharp correction, SAND rose by around 30 percent in the last 24 hours.

On a monthly basis, the whole thing looks even better: SAND has posted a price increase of almost 360 percent since October 18.

What is sandbox?

Founded by Pixowl in 2011, Sandbox is a Minecraft-like game based on blockchain technology. In the crypto space, sandbox can best be compared with Decentraland (MANA).

Within the metaverse of Sandbox, players can purchase, create and trade digital assets (real estate, game items, characters …) in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In addition, Sandbox has its own in-game currency, SAND, which players need for every transaction within the game. In addition, SAND serves as the metaverse’s governance token and is stakeable.

According to the project’s official Withepaper, the main goal of Sandbox is to finally bring blockchain technology into the mainstream of the gaming world. Sandbox wants to revolutionize the gaming space and is currently in the process of creating a play-to-earn game in which users can be both gamers and content creators who can earn money in the Sandbox metaverse.

“Step into the Metaverse”: Sandbox starts play-to-earn event

In addition to the general hype that crypto metaverse projects have experienced since the renaming of Facebook to Meta, an announcement in particular is likely to have caused SAND’s price to explode at the moment.

In a medium post on November 16, the Metaverse project announced the launch of “The Sandbox Alpha”. The whole thing is a play-to-earn event that starts on November 29th at 2 p.m. At the event, players will have the opportunity to explore the Sandbox metaverse for the first time.

There will be a total of 18 different worlds, all of which were created by the Sandbox teams. Anyone who has an NFT ticket for this event can earn up to 1,000 SAND tokens in the worlds, which are currently worth just under 3,300 US dollars.

How to get an Alpha Pass for Sandbox

There are a total of three different ways to get a ticket for Sandbox’s Alpha Launch.

  • 1. Alpha ticket raffle for all LAND holders:

1,000 Alpha tickets will be raffled among all landowners (LAND) in Sandbox. All LAND owners who want to take part in this raffle can register for the raffle here.

In addition, players who already own several properties in the game will have another chance for an NFT ticket for each of their properties.

All raffle winners will receive their alpha ticket on November 29th.

  • 2. Participation in social media competition

Once the alpha starts, anyone with a sandbox account can enter daily social media contests to win an alpha ticket. From then on, 750 Alpha Passes will be passed every week for three weeks Twitter and Discord is raffled. Sandbox has not yet announced the exact conditions for participating in the competitions.

Another way to get an Alpha ticket can be found on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. From November 29th to December 19th, every Alpha Ticket holder can offer their ticket for sale on OpenSea. Important note: After December 20th, tickets can no longer be purchased, as the Alpha will be closed from then on.

In addition, all players who have not received a ticket can still take part in the Sandbox Alpha. However, you only get access to 3 of the 18 worlds and therefore have significantly fewer opportunities to earn SAND tokens.

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