Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in GTA VI?

The wait for the new gangster epic about GTA VI continues. Now an insider claims that there should be cryptocurrencies in the new part.

There is hardly a gamer who is not banned Grand Theft Auto VI feverishly. The predecessor GTA V is still the second best-selling game worldwide, even more than seven years after its release. The development studio Rockstar Games has not yet revealed any official details – there is not even an official announcement, let alone a release date. For new information, fans of the series usually have to be content with unconfirmed leaks.

One of the latest information leaks comes from Tom Henderson. Within the gaming scene, his revelations can often be relied on. Now Henderson writes on Twitter that he recently heard that players in some GTA missions should be rewarded not only with virtual US dollars, but also with Bitcoin and Co. Of course, this is only an in-game reward. It has also not been finally clarified whether the cryptocurrency will really be called “Bitcoin”, or maybe get a completely different name.

GTA VI could push crypto adoption

Although this information is unconfirmed, the integration of a cryptocurrency with GTA VI could still make sense. The game sees itself as a highly exaggerated, satirical image of our society, while maintaining a certain closeness to reality. In the predecessor, players had the opportunity to gamble on the stock market. This feature should also be available in GTA VI. The expansion to cryptocurrencies would only be the next logical step in the evolution of the game series. The effect on real crypto adoption would be enormous, according to Henderson.

Should GTA VI be anywhere near as successful as its predecessor – and it can be assumed – this could have a positive effect on the general adoption of cryptocurrencies. There is one catch, however. According to matching media reports, a release can be expected in 2023 at the earliest. According to Insider Okami it could even be until 2025. By then, crypto adoption should be at a more advanced stage.

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