Bild, yet another massacre of whales in the Faroe Islands

ROME, SEPTEMBER 23 – Just ten days after the brutal massacre of 1,428 dolphins, a new slaughter took place in the Faroe Islands, where 52 pilot whales were killed, according to reports from the German Bild. The so-called ‘Grindadrap’, the bloody hunt for cetaceans on the shore, is a centuries-old tradition in the Danish archipelago with a wide range located in the Atlantic Ocean between Iceland, Scotland and Norway. The chronicles date it back to at least the sixteenth century, linked to food needs but also to ancient rituals in which children usually participate. Environmental associations have been calling for its suppression for years. “We call for urgent action from the EU, Denmark and the UK to prevent the European Faroe Islands from devastating protected populations of dolphins and small whales. This horrific cruelty and unsustainable slaughter must end now, ”John Hourston of the“ Blue Planet Society ”tells Bild. (HANDLE).

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