Biden invites 110 countries to summit for democracy but excludes China

TAIPEI, 24 NOV – Joe Biden has invited about 110 countries to the virtual summit for democracy strongly supported by the American president. The defense of human rights violated by authoritarian regimes was also at the center of the work. The countries invited by the White House include the European allies, Iraq and India, as stated in the list released by the State Department. On the other hand, the list does not include China, repeatedly accused by the Biden administration of violating human rights in the Xinjang region, Tibet and Hong Kong. Instead, Taiwan was invited to the summit, a decision that risks fueling tensions between Washington and Beijing and jeopardizing the thaw evidence after the virtual summit between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping. Also excluded from the guests were Turkey, which is an ally of the United States within NATO, Hungary and the main Arab partners of the United States: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Instead, Brazil and Poland will be present. (HANDLE).

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