between tricks and epic falls [VIDEO DI SKATEBOARD]

Apparently the summer sun is starting to heat up the asphalt too! Today, we want to be transported between the streets and skateparks of Italy on a skateboard with the best DC rider.

Let’s start immediately with the winner of the Young category of the CIS Andrès Martin, which takes us to the Bolzano skatepark to the sound of tricks. Technique, perfection and a lot of creativity! A rider very young with him skateboarding in the veins:

Now let’s go south, to the land of arancini, where it is skater Luca Gozzo enjoys running around the city with a colorful background.

And finally, let’s take a ride to Alzano with Daniele Galli, the mentor of skateboarding Italian, who between one ramp and another also enjoys shooting some falls. That’s right! When you are a champion, falls are important moments, those in which you learn to grow and improve.

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