Benji Mascolo and Bella Thorne have revealed when and where they would like to get married

We are already working on it, because big weddings take a lot of time to organize“: like this Benjamin Mascolo revealed that the preparations for the yes con Bella Thorne they have already left!

The 28-year-old singer and actor and the 23-year-old star they officially got engaged in March 2021 and now they have held a “joint interview with Entertainment Tonight, where they told a lot of curiosities about the wedding in sight.

First of all when they think of becoming husband and wife: “We believe that it will be next summer. Hopefully between June, July or August. The truth is, we have so much work, that we want to find time to enjoy the wedding. We don’t want to rush it and we don’t want to do it between works and projects, because it is an important moment in our lives, it must be the best day of our lives.“Benji began to explain.

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They then reiterated the intention to marry both in Italy and in the United States: “All we can say is that we want to do two [di matrimoni] – has continued – One in Los Angeles and one in Italy, probably on Lake Como, because we love it“.

Bella Thorne then explained why Lake Como is significant for their love story: “Ben took me there when we started dating And he said to me: ‘You know, if we ever get married, we’ll get married here’“.

Space also for the guest list, with Benji who said he wanted his family, friends but also colleagues from the world of music at his side: “One thing I’m looking forward to is live music. I have so many friends who play and they are so talented and I just want, at some point in the evening, like randomly, to get on stage and play“.

Bella instead wants to send the participation to some very famous co-stars, like Adam Sandler and Zendaya: “Adam looks at me as if I were a daughter and I’m sure he would love to have his daughter present. I will probably also invite the entire cast of A Tutto Ritmo“.

Meanwhile, less and less until we see Benji Mascolo and Bella Thorne acting together: they are the protagonists of Time Is Up.

They interpret Roy and Vivien, two senior high school students with two very different personalities that fate will unite in an unexpected way. Elisa Amoruso’s film will arrive in cinemas in Italy in an event release on 25, 26 and 27 October 2021.

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