Benedict Cumberbatch spoke of toxic masculinity: “We must shut up and listen”

Benedict Cumberbatch is presenting his new film Power of the Dog, directed by Jane Campion and based on the novel by Thomas Savage The Power of the Dog.

It is set in 1925 in Montana, United States, and the actor plays Phil Burbank, an overbearing and cruel landowner who represses his feelings by bullying those around him and especially his brother George’s new wife, who stands up to himself as a positive and kind figure.

As you can guess from the plot, one of the fundamental themes of the film is toxic masculinity and the 45-year-old star talked about this in an interview on Sky TV, moving from fiction set a century ago to today’s reality:

“I think that in a world that is questioning, discovering and finally pointing the finger at the inequalities of the status quo and patriarchy, it is even more important because there is this sort of rebellious aspect [degli uomini oggi], this denial, this sort of infantile position of ‘not all men are bad’. But no, we we just have to shut up and listen” he said.

The abuse is not recognized enough, as are the disadvantages. At the same time, we must perhaps do what the film does, which is examine the reasons behind those oppressive behaviors to fix men“.

Benedict Cumberbatch at the Venice Film Festival last September – getty images

According to Benedict Cumberbatch, talking and discussing the issue is fundamental: “It’s like with mental health, they are things that still have a stigma. We need to talk about them, face them, write about them and get help. As long as there is no equal pay, equality of all kinds, e we still have to have that conversation“.

You can see the trailer of the Power of the Dog here with Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst here:

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