Banks: Signorini, from Basel III also advantages for Italians

ROME, 04 NOV – The Basel III rules on banks must be applied on a “global scale” and it is also thanks to them that Italian banks “were part of the solution and not part of the problem” in the Covid crisis. This was stated by the CEO of the Bank of Italy Federico Signorini to the Anpsc. “Even Italian banks – he explains – sometimes complain about the additional requirements that Basel III has entailed and entails. and which, however, have rectified two distortions relating to them, a net disadvantage: the imbalance between the requirements for credit risk and those related to trading; and the excessive tolerance of aggressive models ”. And for the general manager “The gradual exhaustion of support measures, moratoriums and guarantees, can only bring out cases of difficulty in repaying; but it is to be expected that the deterioration in credit quality will be much less marked than that which occurred in the previous crises ”. “The banks – he says – were able to start distributing dividends again after the supervisory authorities, carefully assessing the improvement in the economic situation, withdrew the exceptional restrictions previously recommended. In any case, we expect banks to preserve adequate capital with respect to risks; and it is essential that they continue to adopt a careful and prudent policy of credit adjustments ”. (HANDLE).

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