Bank of Italy: household expectations and spending propensity improve

ROME, NOV 17 – Family expectations for the Italian economy are improving. This is what the Bank of Italy writes in its Covid notes. “The propensity to spend in the most affected sectors is recovering, including hotels, bars and restaurants” and “caution in spending prospects, especially among the less well-off”. For the central institute “The balance between expectations of improvement and worsening of the economic and employment situation is positive for the first time since spring 2020; the families that foresee a deterioration have dropped by more than 10% “. About a third of families say they have managed to put aside some savings since the start of the pandemic; the share is higher for households whose head of the family has a degree The percentage of families who believe they will be able to save in the next twelve months has remained essentially stable, at 44 per cent (ANSA).

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