Bad weather: Canada, 18,000 people still blocked by landslides

ROME, NOV 19 – About 18,000 people are still blocked by landslides in western Canada after heavy rains in recent days: according to the Guardian today, rescue teams are trying to reach the affected areas in British Columbia, where in many locations the food shops are now completely empty and the population is in urgent need of water and food. So far the flood toll is one dead in the village of Pemberton, while many others are considered wasted, and feared that it will rise. The premier of the province, John Horgan, yesterday declared a state of emergency speaking of a “terrible, terrible disaster”. For his part, Abbotsford City Mayor Henry Braun said he was concerned about further heavy rains expected next week. The Canadian government sent the Air Force to the area yesterday to support the evacuation operations, as the floods disrupted major land routes. (HANDLE).


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