AverMedia announces Live Streamer Nexus and Mic 330, an audio mixer and microphone designed for streamers and content creators

AverMedia presented Live Streamer Nexus and Live Streamer Mic 330, two new products designed for streamers, expanding its range of products dedicated to them.

The Live Streamer Nexus is a device that combines the functions of Audio Mixer with those of a streaming control platform, integrating a 5 ″ touch display on which various widgets (such as streaming statistics), 4 physical buttons and 6 controllers can be shown for audio track levels. From the sound point of view, AverMedia’s Nexus allows you to manage 3 physical inputs (3.5mm line, XLR and optical) e 3 virtual inputs coming from the PC, also allowing to manage two different output mixes, one dedicated to the viewers of the stream and one dedicated to the streamer, thus allowing the latter not to have the same sound levels sent in streaming in the headphones. It should also arrive in Europe over the next few months, at the moment in the US it will be marketed with an MSRP of $ 349

The Live Streamer Mic 330 instead it is a dynamic XLR microphone, which promises to make life easier for streamers thanks to the integrated pop filter and to the configuration of the capture pattern of the microphone capsule, designed for minimize environmental disturbances and improve the incoming voice. The Mic330 will also arrive in Europe over the next few months, the recommended price on the US market is $ 99

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