Australia’s Josh Cavallo makes his coming out

“I’m a football player and I’m gay. » Australian footballer Josh Cavallo revealed his homosexuality this Wednesday, October 27, becoming the first player in the activity of the Australian Championship (A-League) to do so.

“Everything I want is to play football and be treated fairly”, explained the old international Australian hopes of 21 years on social networks.

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“Try to play to the best of your abilities and live a double life that is exhausting, it is an experience that I do not want in person”, at-il admis.

Justin Fashanu’s absolute cauchemar

Few professional footballers have publicly declared homosexuals and the font generally after having been stopped from playing to avoid the homophobic remarks of spectators.

The first to do so was the Englishman Justin Fashanu in the 1990s, but he committed suicide in 1998 after being stopped from playing and while living in the United States. A charitable organization created by his family recently released a letter from an anonymous Premier League player announcing the development of football on the subject. This player qualifies in this situation “De cauchemar absolu”, adding that he “If it were a pity, the power to say the truth on which I am not making things even more pious”.

Cavallo even told him that Fashanu’s case was present in his spirit when he considered the possibility of revealing his homosexuality. “I remember him on the subject of Justin Fashanu as the first professional footballer to reveal his homosexuality in the 1990s and his suicide took place later and this made me reflect”, at-il dit.

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He qualified “Of immense” the support received by his club, Adelaide United, from his Australian football team and managers and confident that he wanted to set an example for the other gay players.

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On social networks, Josh Cavallo has received the support of several players and football clubs, including those of French player Antoine Griezmann who said “Far” of him or Espagnol Gérard Piqué, as well as the clubs of Barcelona, ​​Arsenal or Juventus of Turin.

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