Atwood, band-duo artist of the month for June

The Atwood take their first steps within the Milanese scene with the publication of “Black Mirror“: The single, the band’s very first release, anticipates the debut EP”at odds”, A unique blend of pop, alternative rock, synth and electronics, enriched with post-hardcore influences.

Defined as “capable of moving with ease both on the stage of X-Factor and of a metal festival, with all the nuances in between”, the Atwood They immediately begin to build a solid following by treading the local stages and opening the shows of alternative icons such as Lost and Eyes Set to Kill.

2019 is a year full of satisfactions for the band, which arrives in Rome at the 1MNext final after the victory of the Kleisma “New Perspectives” contest, and in October it publishes “Dance in the sun“. The single, taken from the new EP to be released in mid-2021, reveals a new compositional approach: the pop sounds, here much more pronounced than the previous work “at odds”, do not come at the expense of complexity and originality.

In December 2019 the Atwood they also have the opportunity to play at the Drink’em All Festival, organized by Diego Cavallotti of Lacuna Coil.

The sound innovation path continues with “Ghost“, Published in April 2020, in which they create a natural and genuine flow by combining those pop elements already introduced in” Dance in the sun “with a pop punk and melancholy refrain supported by the energy that has always distinguished them.

With “Out of the blue“, Single released in November 2020, the Atwood they soften the aggressiveness of “Ghost” without renouncing to explore the more “light” shades of alternative rock.

I know Bad”, The last single before the EP, reconfirms the improvement of an increasingly defined and personal sound between pop and alt rock.

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