Atlantia: 9 months revenues of 4.6 billion (+ 17%), Ebitda + 27%

ROME, NOV 11 – Atlantia closes the first nine months with revenues of € 4.6 billion, an increase of 17% compared to the same period of 2020, an EBITDA of € 2.9 billion, an increase of 0.6 billions of euros (+ 27%), “benefiting from the trend in motorway traffic + 21%”. (figure excluding traffic in Italy). This was announced by the Group, underlining that “the outlook for 2021 has improved, with an expected 6 billion euro in revenues and 2.4 billion euro in FFO”. Profit for the period amounted to 613 million euros (loss for the 2020 period of 957 million euros), of which 474 million euros pertaining to the Group (loss of 716 million euros in 2020), adds Atlantia. “In the months from July to October 2021 there was a general recovery in traffic, in particular in the motorway sector, which allowed a positive performance in the first nine months equal to + 21% compared to 2020”, is emphasized in the note. And this “positive evolution makes it possible to revise the motorway traffic estimates for 2021 and in particular to forecast motorway traffic volumes at -5% compared to 2019 (excluding the Aspi group, -7% including the Aspi group), a marked improvement compared to at -8% communicated with the publication of the half-yearly data ”, explains the Group. (HANDLE).


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