Apple CEO Tim Cook holds cryptocurrencies

The CEO of the world’s second most valuable company, Tim Cook, admits he holds cryptocurrencies. However, he does not say which tokens these are and how large their share is in his portfolio. At the same time, however, he rejects the crypto space on the corporate side.

Long-time Apple CEO Tim Cook gave in a recent interview (by his standards) very deep insights into his investment strategy. When asked whether he would hold Bitcoin or Ethereum, he surprisingly answered “yes”. In the conversation on the New York Times DealBook Online Summit he said:

I do [Kryptowährungen halten]. I’ve been interested in crypto for quite a while and researched it and so on. I think this area is interesting.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

In the previous sentence, he told Andrew Ross Surkin that he thought it “sensible” to have a “diversified portfolio”. However, he also emphasized that these are not investment tips on his part. He also firmly rejected Surkin’s question whether Apple would follow other companies such as Tesla or MicroStrategy in the future. The company Apple does not plan in the “immediate future” to hold company shares in crypto currencies. His reason:

I don’t think people buy Apple stock to indirectly invest in crypto. If people want that, they can invest in crypto directly through other avenues.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

He also made it clear that the company has no plans to enable the purchase or sale of Apple products or services with cryptocurrencies. So far, wallets or marketplace applications can be downloaded from the in-house app store. The situation is different with mining applications, since Apple has so far been very reluctant.

With Cook’s latest statements, the company remains true to its anti-crypto line, while other companies such as Amazon or Tesla with their CEOs have invested more energy in exploring possible business areas and buying cryptocurrencies.

The Apple course has so far reacted cautiously to Cook’s statements. It is up 0.25 percent over the past 24 hours and is trading at $ 150.81 at the time of writing.

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