“Apologia del Kebab” and “Contemporanea” are two gems

Wednesday 24 November 2021. The MTV New Generation Just Discovered web showcase returns and takes you to discover the Artist of the Week.

Today is “Francesco Pecs”

Musical genre: Rap, songwriter

Video of: “Apologia Del Kebab” feat. Brattini

Director: Marco Jean Reno

Picture of: Giacomo Vesprini

New single: “Contemporary”

There are several songs we came in contact with Francesco Pecs, each time on a closer listening one notices the peculiar ability of writing, the “irony of the lyrics and the originality in the very creation of his pieces. This is also reflected for example in the video of”Kebab apology“, where with simplicity everything is put back into play in a situation that we have known in many.

To complete the picture on Francesco we decided to also present his new single “Contemporanea”, placing it in the first position in our Spotify playlist

FB: www.facebook.com/FrancescoPecs

IG: www.instagram.com/francesco_pecs/

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