>>> ANSA / Biden-Xi, ‘let’s avoid conflicts’. But it is confrontation over Taiwan

WASHINGTON, 16 NOV – “I am happy to see an old friend”: Xi Jinping breaks the protocol and greets Joe Biden from the other side of the screen, sitting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. Shortly before, the American president, opening the highly anticipated virtual summit with the leader of Beijing, had underlined how he and Xi have known each other for a long time and how their personal relationship has always been made up of much less formal gestures and words. In short, the desire for a thaw emerged immediately, and it was this that gave way to a face-to-face one that lasted about three hours and with “frank and frank” tones, as reported both in Washington and in Beijing. “Not only in front of our peoples but in front of the whole world we have the responsibility of managing the competition between our two countries with responsibility”, the appeal launched by Biden and accepted by Xi, who said he was ready to work for the development of relations between the United States and China but underlining how this is possible only in mutual respect. After the pleasantries and the declarations of intent, the two leaders did not discount. The White House tenant said he was very concerned about what the US considers a violation of human rights in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong. Then he called on Beijing to respect the rules on the economic and commercial front, speaking of “unfair practices” that damage American companies and workers. Hence the Taiwan issue. Biden warned the Chinese president against unilateral actions that change the status quo and undermine peace and stability in the region. Xi’s response was harsh, reiterating the sacredness of the principle of ‘one China’: “Seeking Taiwan independence means playing with fire,” he said bluntly. And again: “If the red line is crossed we will have to take decisive measures”. (HANDLE).


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