Angèle releases the single “Bruxelles je t’aime”, preview of the new album “Nonante-cinq” to be released in December

We also learned about it here in Italy thanks to “Fever”, the song made together with Dua Lipa last year. Now it’s time for new music for her! We are talking about Angèle, Belgian pop star who just released the single unpublished “Brussels je t’aime”.

About the song, the artist said:

“‘Bruxelles je t’aime’ was composed during the first lockdown. I had already made the melody and started production, but it was only when I realized that I was forced to stay away from my city that I wrote this declaration of love. I like the idea of talk about my city as if it were a lover, just like in a relationship … we love each other, we break up … we miss each other, but we never forget each other. And Brussels is a lover in which I see my past and I am able to see my future. I know all his flaws and accept them. I have spent many years away from this city and I have always missed it so much, so much so that every time I return I feel reassured. I think this is the feeling you get when you go home. The new song is therefore a celebration. I dreamed of dancing with my friends in Brussels and today it is finally possible. “

“Bruxelles je t’aime” is taste of the new album of Angèle titled “Nonante-cinq”, out next December 10th.

This the tracklist of the disc:

Brussels je t’aime
On s’habitue
Pensées Positives
Démons (feat. Damso)
Plus de sens
Mots Justes
Mauvais rêves

ph: press office, credit Manuel Obadia-Wills

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