an old school snowboard trip to Japan with Griffin Siebert and Austen Sweetin [Video]

The title already says it all. And not surprisingly, “Super8journal”, the video starring i Quiksilver rider Griffin Siebert and Austen Sweetin, immediately refers to the good old 8mm format and the days of “Ciribiribì, Kodak!”.

It is not a casual title. Griffin Siebert, in fact, after accepting the invitation of teammate Austen Sweetin to participate in a snowboard trip to Mount Rishiri, in Japan, embarked on a gold with a board under his arm, a Super8 camera in one hand and a modern Go-Pro in the other.

And here is the report of an extraordinary journey in the middle of winter.

The vintage patina of the Super8 film lends even more charm to an already extraordinary journey, giving it the status of a real venture with an adventurous and slightly retro flavor.

Simply spectacular!

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