Amnesty International calls on Qatar to investigate thousands of deaths from migrant workers

The human rights defense organization Amnesty International called on Qatar on Thursday, August 26, to host the World Cup in 2022, to investigate the deaths of migrant workers, leading to a series of unexplained deaths.

The Emirate Gazier is regularly condemned by the international NGOs for the treatment reserved for hundreds of millennials of travelers, especially from Asia on the major construction sites of one of the most important sporting events in the world.

“Qatari authorities have commissioned to investigate the deaths of thousands of migrant workers over the course of the last decade, despite the evidence establishing a link between premature deaths and dangerous working conditions”, Amnesty confirmed in a statement on the eve of the launch of a report.

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The report «Documents the way in which Qatar regularly delivers certificates of death of migrant workers without the need for adequate investigations, attributing the deaths to natural causes or in cases of cardiac insufficiency ».

Causes of missing deaths

In 70% of deaths, the causes are undetermined, affirms Amnesty, which is based on the analysis of registers in the countries of origin of deceased migrants.

In February, Qatar denied the information from the British daily The Guardian, which has more than 6,500 dead migrants working in Qatar since the 2010 World Cup. Doha refuses to release publicly the exact number of deaths.

Amnesty affirme has analyzed 18 death certificates issued between 2017 and 2021, of which 15 cover vague terms, as “Unspecified cardiac insufficiency” et «Respiratory insufficiency caused by natural causes».

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“These phrases do not make sense without explaining the causes of death”, affirmed to Amnesty David Bailey, member of the World Health Organization (OSM) Working Group on Death Causes.

Reforms that are delayed

Doha, which is active in ensuring that its cities and other infrastructures are ready in time for the 2022 World Cup, will ensure that much is done to improve the working conditions of migrants.

Qatar, on the other hand, has announced several reforms in line with the regulations at work since the World Cup’s attribution, but their implementation is under way, according to the critics.

“We do not agree with the position adopted by Amnesty International in Qatar. The positive impact of reforms related to employment in Qatar is clear for all », said a government spokesman in a statement.

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And the notes “Among the major reforms” the establishment of a new minimum wage, the end of exit permits, better housing or even the improvement of security rules.

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