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In addition to a total market capitalization of over three trillion US dollars and a new all-time high Bitcoins, the crypto currency recently pushed Tesla out of the 8th place among the world’s largest assets. Is silver next?

The crypto market is on a high flight. While the leader Bitcoin (BTC) posted a new all-time high of over 68,000 US dollars overnight, Ethereum (ETH) also set a new record high. While the crypto market recently scratched the $ 3 trillion mark, it has now finally been able to break through this important mark. With a total market capitalization of 3.07 trillion US dollars, the crypto market is getting closer and closer to Germany’s gross domestic product, which recorded around 3.4 trillion euros in 2020.

Digital assets do not stop at global companies valued in the trillions. The largest cryptocurrency currently has a market capitalization of around 1.3 trillion US dollars. With it, Bitcoin could make the electric car manufacturer Tesla with a market capitalization of around $ 1.17 trillion, displaced from the 8th largest asset in the world.

Bitcoin in the ranking of the largest assets in the world

With Meta – formerly Facebook – In last place and the precious metal gold in first place, the market capitalization of the ten largest assets in the world ranges from $ 943 billion to $ 11.6 trillion. The precious metal silver is currently in 7th place. It remains to be seen whether and when there will be further “flippening” by the crypto top dog Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk should not be offended at giving up his place in the asset ranking to Bitcoin. After all, it is common knowledge that the crypto fan active on Twitter is invested in Bitcoin with his company.

The top 10 largest assets in the world

In the slideshow above, we took a closer look at the top 10 largest assets in the world.

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