all you need to know about the new album “V”

Anticipated by the songs “Africa” ​​and “Cantaré”, the new album by Mannarino titled “V” will see the light on Friday 17 September. Produced by the same artist, the album was recorded between New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Rio De Janeiro, the Amazon and Italy and sees the involvement – on some tracks – of international producers Joey Waronker and Camilo Lara, as well as Tony Canto and Iacopo Brail Sinigaglia.

“V” speaks all languages ​​of the world, imbued with forest sounds and indigenous voices recorded in the Amazon. It promises to be the most political and visionary album of Mannarino’s career, in which topics such as nature, patriarchy, animism, femininity, man-woman relationship.

This the tracklist of the project:

To sing
Black River
New York Bank

Below, however, you can see the cover of the album depicting a female fighter, warrior. The image is the union of two elements: the woman and the indigenous resistance fused together in one action. Drop the balaclava to go to war or take it off to show and defend your identity?

Mannarino will present “V” live during a tour that will be inaugurated next October atArena of Verona and will then continue until March 2022. HERE find the concert dates!

ph cover image: press office, credit Magliocchetti

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