All major people are vaccinated in France

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Tous les majeurs peuvent desormais prendre rendez-vous pour se faire vacciner contre le Covid-19 en France, a annoncé jeudi le ministère de la Santé.

The price of the reservation on the reservation platforms for internet (Doctolib, Keldoc, Maiia) is this 18-49 year old.

For these, the date of the debutant on May 31, the date of the official overture of the vaccination to all the majors in France, after the gradual graduation of the conditions of the state or the state of health at the start.

“The reservations are progressive, the new ones are still in the league every day on the different plateforms,” ​​said the minister, Olivier Veran, on Twitter.

“The 50 years and more that are and are eligible to continue to continue to do so,” said the minister.

“This new stage does not depend on the response to the demand of patients”, and the fact that Doctolib is given in a communication, in point “a number of limited doses of vaccines, not only Pfizer and Moderna”.

“28 million adults are eligible for vaccination and non-vaccinations to date for about 500,000 times a day”, according to the principle of the reservation platform, which “extends to a strong influence on its services”.

Vacciner le plus largement possible est un enjeu crucial pour la France afin d’éviter une reprise de l’epidemie dans les semaines et les mois à venir, alors que les restrictions en vigueur sont progressivement relâchées.

A ce stade, 24 million de personnes ont reçu au moins une injection (soit 36% de la totale et 46% de la population majeure), dont 10 million en ont eu deux (15% de la population totale et 19% de la) population majeure), selon le ministère.

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