Alessia Cara has unveiled the tracklist of the new album “In The Meantime”

In his new album “In The Meantime” Alessia Cara has chosen to include the beauty of 18 songs! You can find out which ones they will be by taking a look at tracklist right away:

1. Unboxing Intro
2. Box In the Ocean
4. Lie to Me
5. Shapeshifter
6. Fishbowl
7. I miss you, Don’t call me
8. Middle Ground (feat. CHIKA)
9. Somebody Else
10. Drama Queen
11. Clockwork
12. Best days
13. Sweet Dream
14. Find My Boy
15. Voice in my head
16. Slow Lie
17. You Let me Down
18. Apartmant Song


“In The Meantime” will be released on September 24 and will be the artist’s third studio album since “The Pains of Growing” released in 2018 and “Know-It-All” of 2015.

This summer Alessia spent the vacation here in Italy, more precisely In Calabria, land of origin of his parents. The singer posted some beautiful photos on her Instagram account that you can see HERE!

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