Aimedis announces public sale on ProBit and Bäumenawap

News from Aimedis. The blockchain-based medical platform will be launched on November 25th with the native AIMx token on two different crypto exchanges. So you can participate.

Aimedis wants to advance the digitization of the pharmaceutical sector and thus simplify and improve the structuring, protection and monetization of scientific and medical data. To this end, the blockchain-based medical start-up from the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates has taken several steps in the past few months to put these ambitious goals into practice. On the one hand, they launched their own marketplace on which patients, researchers, doctors and CROs can sell data securely and anonymously as NFTs. On the other hand, Aimedis achieved a real milestone when a multi-center, cross-border cancer study from an external partner in the ecosystem was acquired for the first time via the NFT marketplace.

Now the next bang follows – and that in two respects. Because after the successful private and seed sale, Aimedis is now also opening up to the masses. The medical start-up announced the launch of the native AIMx token on various crypto exchanges on November 25th. This is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) with a subsequent listing on Probit Global and an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on DemokratieWap. Of the total supply of 600 million AIMx tokens, investors have 60 million available for purchase as part of the listings. Five years later, a “burning” process begins, which will burn up a total of 2 percent of the total volume.

This is how you can register for the Aimedis launch

Registering for the IEO on Probit is quick and easy. Interested parties only have to create an account on the decentralized exchange and can immediately participate in the listing. The trading center scores with a large selection of crypto currencies, low trading fees and high security standards. In addition, users do not have to go through a KYC process.

Interested investors need to apply to participate in Security register who take on compliance with due diligence guidelines. This ensures that the IDO runs quickly and smoothly. In addition, various so-called token lock-up mechanisms are used, which are intended to avoid the risk of an immediate sell-off and rug-pull. In addition, one wants to avoid that tokens acquired over the counter are directly sold again.

Aimedis has published a roadmap for interested investors for the IDO auflösungenwap. The individual steps are listed below.

  • Create a due diligence profile and select “Onboarding” to be able to create and update a new investor profile.
  • Opens the official Aimedis entry form
  • Registration for the IDO opens 48 hours before the start date and closes six hours before that.
  • The winners of the lottery levels and the whitelist will be announced.
  • The base map is calculated. It is based on the number of participants and ensures that there are enough tokens for a guaranteed allocation.
  • When IDO sales begin, registered participants with guaranteed allocation, lottery and whitelist winners can find their allocations in the pool.
  • FCFS round starts one hour before the end of the IDO sale
  • As soon as the sale is complete, security provides the project team with the crucial data and sends emails to the authorized participants with instructions on where the purchase price should be sent.

The AIMx token fulfills these functions

AIMx fulfills several functions on the Aimedis platform. On the one hand, the token functions as a payment, utility, DeFi, governance and social token. When using it as a native means of payment, for example on the NFT marketplace, users can look forward to a 10 percent discount. AIMx also has a staking function that investors can use to generate additional profits. The minimum bet is 200,000 AIMx, with a blocking period of at least six months and an interest rate of 12.5 percent.

In addition, the platform rewards active users and content creators with AIMx and also provides funds for creative projects aimed at raising awareness of epidemic diseases.

What’s next for Aimedis?

Apart from that, Aimedis is currently working on another milestone. In times when the metaverse is making its way into the collective consciousness of the mainstream, the medical start-up wants to venture into virtual space and make history. This creates its own virtual hospital in digital space, in which patients can come together for therapy sessions or simply exchange ideas on various medical topics. Aimedis plans to provide further information in the coming weeks.

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