Agreement between the families, for now Eitan remains in Israel

TEL AVIV, 23 SEPT – There is an agreement between the Biran family and the Peleg family to ‘manage’ Eitan’s routine from today to 8 October. This was announced by the lawyers of the Biran family at the end of the first hearing in the Tel Aviv court. At the same time, the judge decided to resume the hearings starting from 8 October, with the possibility of continuing in the following two days. In the meantime – the lawyers added – the families have asked for a total blackout to protect the child. At present, therefore, Eitan remains in Israel, at least until the hearings resume. The agreements reached by the two families at the hearing – the lawyers of the two parties later specified – are aimed at maintaining “the privacy of the child, who at this moment needs peace of mind”. “We will not publish any information either on the content of the hearing or on Eitan’s health condition and we ask the press to do the same. None of the child’s relatives, neither paternal aunt Aja Biran, nor maternal grandfather Shmuel Peleg nor maternal grandmother Etty Peleg Cohen, made statements at the end of the hearing, in the spirit of what was agreed. All appeared extremely tried and moved by the trial. (HANDLE).

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