Afghanistan, Usa inviano trope for staff embassy

WASHINGTON, 12 AGO – The US embassy in Kabul invited the Americans to Afghanistan immediately after the country deteriorated due to the deterioration of the situation, and the port of the state department of Ned Ned Price was annulled during the construction of the corps of all countries. in Kabul to protect the staff of the embassy and to carry out the evacuation. The diplomatic seat is open to me with the minimum necessary staff. Gli Stati Uniti, di fronte alla semper più offida offiiva dei talebani, potrebbero presto spostare l’ambasciata a Kabul nell’area dell’aerporto della kapitale afghana, scrivono i media statunitensi, riducendone drasticamente il personnel. There are about 5,000 civilians and militants, American residents in the complex of the Usa and Kabul embassies in the Hamid Karzai International Airport. Intanto Ned Price ribadisce che l’avanzata dei talebani in Afghanistan genera “grave preoccupation”, confirming l’intenzione di ridurre al minimo il personale a Kabul. (ANSA).


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