Afghanistan: US troops arriving in Kabul

ROME, AUG 14 – US troops are arriving in Kabul with the task of helping diplomatic personnel and other Americans to leave the country, while the Taliban are still camped about fifty kilometers from the Afghan capital, probably awaiting the completion of the evacuations from the embassies. The BBC reports. The UN chief warned that the situation is spiraling out of control with devastating consequences for civilians. So far, more than 250,000 people have been forced out of their homes and many of them have concentrated in Kabul, in parks or in makeshift housing. The United States Embassy – various international media reports, urged staff to destroy any sensitive material present in the facilities, including brochures and flags that could be used for propaganda. The UK also announced the dispatch of 600 troops to help evacuate British citizens and former Afghan staff. Like Germany, it will keep the embassy open with staff to a minimum. Denmark and Norway, on the other hand, are closing their diplomatic representations entirely. (HANDLE).

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