Afghanistan: Ghani, consultations underway to end the war

KABUL, AUGUST 14 – “Rapid consultations” are underway to end the war in Afghanistan: the country’s president, Ashraf Ghani said this during a televised speech to the nation. “I have started consultations”, which “are proceeding rapidly”, within the government, with political leaders, international partners, to find “a political solution that guarantees peace and stability to the Afghan people”, underlined the leader. Ghani also explained that the “re-mobilization” of the Afghan armed forces is a “top priority”, while the advance of the Taliban towards the capital Kabul continues. “I will not let the war imposed on the people cause the death of other innocent people, the disappearance of the achievements of the last 20 years, the destruction of public facilities and the continuation of instability,” he added. In his speech, the leader did not allude to a possible resignation, requested by some. (HANDLE).


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