Afghanistan: director Shahrbanoo Sadat escaped and saved

ROME, AUG 23 – The young director Shahrbanoo Sadat managed to leave Afghanistan. “With the help of the French government and people around the world, Shahrbanoo entered after many days with 9 family members through the crowds and Taliban checkpoints into the airport, where French soldiers took care of her. and his family. Communication with Shahrbanoo Sadat is difficult at the moment, but he confirmed that he will soon be in Abu Dhabi on board a plane to Europe ”said Katja Adomeit, producer and CEO of Adomeit Film through Pr Factory. Afghan writer and director, born in Tehran in Iran 31 years ago, she studied at the Atelier Varan in Kabul. Her first feature film Wolf and Sheep, developed with Cannes Cinéfondation, and shot at the age of 20 (the youngest director ever selected) won the main prize at the Quinzaine des Realizateurs in Cannes 2016. Her second feature The Orphanage is also her second. part of a pentalogy, five films based on an unpublished diary by Anwar Hashimi. This film was also presented in Cannes, in 2019, again at the Quinzain. And now it is developing the third part called Kabul Jan. (ANSA).


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