Adidas goes into the Metaverse and Sandbox (SAND) shoots up

The German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas is now also diving into the Metaverse with Sandbox. The SAND course is meanwhile continuing to soar.

The Metaverse rally is hard to stop. More and more players are finding their way into the virtual parallel world. The digital space in which our social contacts may soon live is by no means limited to the usual tech companies.

You almost have to decide which Metaverse philosophy you want to represent. On the one hand, the usual tech suspects lure with the long-established power structures in the real world, which are to be transferred 1: 1 into virtual space. On the other hand, new startups are trying to break the tradition and create a decentralized metaverse.

adiVerse – who would have thought that?

After main competitor Nike Having made the headlines by applying for a patent, Adidas now wants to get involved in the virtual parallel world. At least that’s what a tweet by the German sporting goods manufacturer says.

In collaboration with the Metaverse project The sandbox Adidas wants to penetrate the young market. While the US-based competitor Nike takes care of digital fashion in virtual space, Adidas apparently deals with the collective, decentralized brainstorming for new products. In the tweet above, Adidas invites you to build something with the sandbox community. The company leaves open whether this relates to a digital headquarters in the Metaverse or to actual Adidas products and services.

Metaverse tokens crown the crypto ranking

Sandbox (SAND) is one of the “gateways” to dive into the metaverse. With more and more users, the Metaverse game makes use of so-called network effects: the more users a certain technology can register, the more useful it becomes.

Meanwhile, the metaverse token SAND is on its way. At the time of writing, he was able to prescribe a rate increase of over 34 percent in the past 24 hours. On a monthly basis, the whole thing is even more impressive: The SAND token recorded a price increase of over 600 percent in the last 30 days. With this bullish trend, it comes as no surprise that Sandbox hit a new all-time high of $ 5.48 in the morning hours of November 23rd. The coin is currently trading at $ 5.38.

The announcement of the “adiVerse” is probably not entirely unimportant for the fireworks of the SAND course. However, other news from the Metaverse project also made the rounds. Accordingly, a play-to-earn event will take place on November 29th at 2 p.m., where players will have the opportunity to explore the sandbox universe for the first time.

If you’re looking for a way to participate in the sandbox metaverse and buy SAND, you can stop by crypto exchanges like Binance or eToro, for example.

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