Adele was moved by the surprise of the teacher who “really changed my life”

Adele received a very special surprise while recording the tv concert An Audience with Adele at the London Palladium!

In the audience of the show, they were present several famous people who had each prepared a question for the singer. When it was the turn of the actress Emma Thompson, asked her if there was a figure in her childhood who inspired her and helped shape who she is today.

The 33-year-old artist replied without hesitation that it was his middle school English literature teacher – “Yes, I had a teacher at Chestnut Grove [la scuola di Londra che ha frequentato] who taught English. Mrs. McDonald“- and explained that they didn’t stay in touch because”he dropped out of school when I was in the eighth grade [in Italia, si può paragonare alla seconda media]. It has only been for a year but it really introduced me to English literature. I’ve always been obsessed with literature, obviously even now that I’m writing poetry. He also did dance, which I was too scared to do. It was so damn cool (…) It was engaging, we knew he cared about us“.

At this point the cameras have framed Mrs McDonald who was right there in the audience! He joined her on stage, while Adele burst into tears: “You really changed my life“he said hugging her!

The emotion of the artist and this touching moment made the whole room cry, including Dua Lipa which at one point was framed with glitters in the eyes.

You can see the video here on Twitter of the surprise of the teacher to Adele.

Emma Watson, Adele and Dua Lipa – getty images

Emma Thompson, Dua Lipa but also Emma Watson, Samuel L. Jackson, Idris Elbago here to discover all the stars who attended An Audience With Adele!

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