Adele talked about the possibility of returning to tour with “30”

It is known that when a great artist releases a new album, usually in the months following its release he will present it live on a tour. A practice in pre-covid times, but which is not always certain right now.

An uncertainty that also concerns incredible stars like Adele. The singer-songwriter talked about the hypothesis of facing one tour accompanying “30”, the new (highly anticipated) new album released on November 19th.

He discussed it with his colleague John Mayer in connection with Sirius XM Hits 1.

When asked if there was a possible tour of 30, the artist replied:

“With this record? No, probably not. But I would like to. Actually I was so desperate to go on tour, it’s crazy for me because I don’t like going on tour… The last time I got involved I performed in stadiums. I don’t want to look spoiled, but it’s easier for me to perform at because there are fewer shows, reach more people and stay in place … I’m not okay with releasing an album this year and then taking it on tour in 2023. “

In 2022 Adele will not be touring the world, but will perform in her UK, ad Hyde Park to London, L’1 and the July 2, 2022 for two concerts that promise epic. Click here to find out more!

The last world tour of the singer-songwriter dates back to 2016/2017, when she had also made a stop here in Italy for two memorable dates atArena of Verona.

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