Adele released the “Easy on Me” bloopers video and it’s hilarious

One of the talents of Adele is the sympathy and the video of bloopers from “Easy on Me“proves it once again!

The 33-year-old singer took fans behind the scenes of the music clip of the first single from30“, showing all epic fail successes while recording.

If in the original video you see Adele for example putting a cassette in the cassette player, the backstage shows how much effort she made to put it in. Or again the scene in which some papers flying: someone ended up in her face, making her laugh.

Then there is the part where he takes the suitcase: well, it was shot a lot of times because the luggage kept getting caught in the leather coat.

Get ready to laugh with Adele and press play:

Here you can see instead the original version of the video of “Easy on Me”:

Adele’s new album, “30”, comes out next November 19.

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