Adele recounted how she met her fiancé Rich Paul

Rich Paul was among the many well-known faces who saw each other at the “TV event”One Night Only” from Adele and, after singing at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, the artist also talked about him in the interview with Oprah Winfrey!

The 33-year-old star recounted how she and her boyfriend and nearly 40-year-old sports agent met. It all started a few years ago: “I met him at a birthday party, we were both dancing on the floor” he said.

Some time passed before they crossed again: “A couple of years later, we met again. We were out for dinner, which he described as a business meeting. And I: ‘A business meeting on what?’. Then there was the first time we just went out alone. Friendless and I think it was the natural way people meet in real life“.

Adele also described what she loves about Rich Paul: “It is simply hilarious. He is so funny. And very clever, very, very clever. It’s pretty amazing to watch him do what he does, how easily he does it“.

It’s making things easy for me“he added, with a pun on his new single”Easy on Me“.

Adele had confirmed the romance a British Vogue last October, after that she had been seen sitting next to Rich Paul at the stadium during a basketball game: “Yes, we are together. We are very happy“.

The famous one appears in the agent’s portfolio LeBron James: I’ve been BFF since before the basketball player joined the NBA in 2003 and, when he started playing in the professional league, he asked him to join his crew. Paul later opened his own agency, which manages several other American basketball champions

Among his acquaintances and friendships there are famous sportsmen but also super-famous stars who are passionate about basketball like Jay-Z. Maybe because of this he is not afraid of Adele’s fame: “He does not mind (…). I dated other people before Rich and they hated it [la notorietà]. They found it stressful to be out or to be seen with me, which meant I had everything locked up. It never evolved because we never experienced things together. While he is absolutely not bothered by it“explained the singer in the same interview.

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