Addison Rae Spotted Kissing New Alleged Boyfriend Omar Fedi!

Addison Rae do you have a new boyfriend in your life?

The TikTok star is now a budding actress, following her debut in He “s All That, was spotted in Los Angeles while the musician and producer Omar Fedi kissed her on the lips, greeting her in a clearly romantic way before entering a restaurant. You can see the exact moment in this video of The Hollywood Fix!

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Who is Omar Fedi? A musician and producer who is often seen performing with The Kid LAROI. Earlier this year, he produced Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and also performed on tracks with Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud.

Addison and Omar are rumored to have been dating for some time, and the video seems to confirm that.

In May, the two were seen leaving a birthday party together, with a couple of their friends, including Lil Nas X.

The story with the TikTok star Bryce Hall it was over last February, after a while Addison was seen with the rapper Jack Harlow there are those who had thought of a new couple alert, rumors that the 20-year-old he immediately denied it.

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