Addison Rae had a blast at the 2021 Met Gala thanks to Justin Bieber

Addison Rae he won’t easily forget his first time at Met Gala!

The almost 21-year-old star (she will have them on 6 October) made her debut at the fashion event wearing a vintage creation by Tom Ford for Gucci: a fiery red dress with a corset, released on the catwalks in 2003. She paired it with a platinum blonde bob.

On the red carpet she posed for photographers and, with her dazzling smile, she quickly remedied a little stumbling block as he climbed the stairs. You can see this moment here, taken from an Instagram fan account.

Addison Rae at the 2021 Met Gala – getty images

Once inside the Metropolitan Museum, she enjoyed it the surprise performance given by Justin Bieber. When the singer sang his legendary hit “Baby“, Addison Rae was no longer in the skin and started dancing enthusiastically and singing at the top of her voice.

The YouTuber Jackie Aina he shot her while she was unleashed and posted it all in her Stories, which you can watch here saved by an Instagram fan account.

The invitation to the Met Gala 2021 is just the latest step in Addison Rae’s rise in the world of stars, which has become famous thanks to TikTok. Recently made her debut as an actress, while last spring it came out her first single as a singer.

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