Adam Levine explained why he reacted this way when a fan hugged him on stage

Adam Levine reminded fans how much you appreciate them but also that performing on stage is her job.

Thus the artist of the Maroon 5 he wanted to have his say after the controversy over the reaction he had to an unexpected hug from a fan during a performance at a benefit concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

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TikTok user @ luispenaloza9525 captured the exact moment and posted it: While Adam Levine sings “Sunday Morning”, a girl takes the stage and puts her hands around his shoulders. At that moment, the 42-year-old has his eyes closed, so he doesn’t notice the presence until she touches him. The girl is taken away by security, while Adam Levine yells a “F ** k“and gives a nice shrug.

The comments below the video are divided between those who accuse him of not having been professional and kind to the fan and those who defend him by saying that he was professional because he was doing his job and that it was a disrespect to go up like this, not invited. , on stage.

Only Adam Levine can tell us what went through his head at that moment and here is his explanation, which he posted in the Stories: “I wanted to refer to the Hollywood Bowl incident thing, a fan who came to me on stage. I’ve always been someone who loves, respects and worships our fans. Without our fans, we wouldn’t have a job. I say this to our fans all the time. Thinking that someone would believe that I thought that our fans are fewer than us, it makes me sick. It’s not who I am, it’s not who I’ve ever been“.

Therefore I need you to know that I was really surprised and sometimes when you get so surprised you have to shake yourself up and move on. Because I’m doing my job up there. And that’s what I’m proud of, so I need to let you know what’s in my heart and my heart is that connection that exists between the band performing and the fans. I hope you all can understand this“.

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