Aborigines can teach us to memorize better

Remember a multiplication table with a song or remember the order of the planets in the Solar System using a key phrase … the “tips” to stimulate your memory do not date from today. A method of formidable effectiveness would even be used for at least 50,000 years by the Aborigines of Australia. This is what reveals the study of a team from Monash University, which publishes its results in the journal “PLOS One”.

Nursery rhymes and verses

If laziness often leads us to use “Google memory” (using the internet to find things rather than taking the trouble to remember them), we still find situations where it is useful, even necessary, to store a large amount of data. Doctors, historians or students of various disciplines can use mnemonic methods making it easier to record in our memory neurons a quantity of names, facts or figures. School children learn their multiplication tables by turning them into ditties while others use sentences or verses to memorize useful facts.

How many Pi decimal places do you really need? A poem allows you to memorize 120 … (NASA / JPL-CALTECH)

Thus, an entire poem, which would be the work of a certain Maurice Decerf (whose very existence is questionable), makes it possible to retain a little more easily the decimals of the number Pi, up to the 120e. It starts with: “That I like to learn

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