“‘A Thousand Thousand’ are all the words I’ve never said”

Is called Hu, stage name of Federica Ferracuti, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist born in 1994. After being chosen by Spotify’s Radar as one of the most promising talents of the year, Hu has released the unreleased single “Thousand Thousand”, produced by herself with Tom Beaver.

About the song, the artist revealed:

“‘Thousand Thousand’ are all the words I’ve never said, all the kisses I’ve never given, all the vices I’ve given up, all the days I’ve never thought about. ‘Thousand Thousand’ looks like the stripes that leave the planes when they go, looks like me since I feel better. It is the never ending story of a life limited by time. “

The song is accompanied by a official video (directed by Antonio Annese) which leads the viewer to discover the life of three pairs, showing their everyday life, through intimate scenes but at the same time simple and inherent in tenderness. Suddenly the rhythm of the editing changes and accelerates, showing contradictions and conflicts which, however, are also part of the life of all people.

Get comfortable and click play below!

ph: press office, credit Andrea Venturini

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