a Tehran oil refinery in flames

A petroleum refinery on the price of mercredi in the south of Tehran to the suite of an explosion caused by the flue of a gas pipeline, selon les authorities.

The accident provoked a brassier visible at the kilometers around the road.

Watch the TV station, at least 18 of the reservations on fire.

En suirée, vers 22h45 (18h15 GMT), les flammes n’éetaient cependant plus visibles de loin et l’incendie semblait baisser en intensité, selon des journalistes de l’AFP ayant pu approcher des lieux du sinistre, bouclés par des forces de l ‘deploy orders in grand number.

“The accident was caused by a fire on a gas pipeline” and “an explosion provoked by the incendiary department, causing the smoke that he could”, declared on Mansour TV. Darajati, head of the Iranian capital crisis.

Selon le site internet de l’audiovisuel public, M. Darajati a indiqué que le feu s’etait déclaré vers 15H00 GMT et qu’il n’y avait «heureusement aucun mort à ce stade».

The refinery in fire, in service since 1968, is part of the Tehran Oil Refining Company and has a capacity of 250,000 barrels per day, precisely the official Irna agency.

It is situated in the foothills south of the capital, in a vaste industrial zone a few centimeters away from the living quarters.

Selon la chaîne Telegram de la TV d’État, a porte-parole de la société a dit rejeter «all speculation on a sabotage». “The accident is a product of the suite of a technical problem and we are currently on the train to control the fire.”

A reporter from the state television said that he declared that he was “enormous” and that he was “certified by the brilliant stocks”.

The beginning of the refinery is a few hours after the Iranian Marine announced an announcement on the sea of ​​Oman from its large buildings, up to 200 m long, after the hours of light against a fire. ‘original obscure.

Industrial accidents are frequent in Iran.

According to the Iranian media, new people on this May 23rd after a deflation in a case of stress fabrication and explosion in the center of the country.

Three days plus tard, an explosion in a petrochemical center on the Golf and a person.

For the sake of Israel, the name of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a suspect in a number of two accidents in the course of the last two months in the installations of the Iranian nuclear program and qualifications in Tehran of sabotage acts.

Take into account the tensions with Israel, cert dans le pays ont tendance à voir dans chaque accident la main des services israéliens, mais pour d’autres, les sanctions america, qui isolent presque totalement l’Iran du reste du monde et compliquent l’entretien the industrial infrastructures are an explanation plus a convict.

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