a run in the Wisconsin forest [VIDEO DI SNOWBOARD]

We all have a secret dream.

Imagine falling asleep and finding yourself in the middle of a forest and running without stopping for miles. How would you react? Surely more than a dream you would consider it a nightmare! But apparently there is someone who has wanted to make it for a long time.

That of Benny Milamrider of the CAPiTA team And Union Binding Company – and many other snowborders, is to cross the undergrowth of a forest that is still briefly covered in snow with your own snowboard.

The podcast Red Bull Show “Enchanted Forest” it took very little to make it happen, bringing Benny in the middle of the Wisconsin woods for a long run full of obstacles.

A one shot full of emotions that put the athlete to the test. After all what can you expect from a rider’s dreams of action sport?

If you are still curious to know how it went, check out the full video here:

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