A concert test of the Indochine group with 5,000 spectators to advance science

Quelque 5.000 spectateurs ont rendez-vous samedi pour danser au son des tubes du groupe français Indochine et retrouver l’ambiance du live, dans la fosse de la salle de concerts de Bercy à Paris, lors d’un concert doublé d’une étude scientifique you are currently attending a procurement sector for Covid-19.

No distancing, more obligatory mask. And to respect the cover-fire days in France at 21H00 (19H00 GMT), the concert will be free of charge, with a premier electric party from 17H00 (15H00 GMT) by Etienne de Crécy, figure of the «French touch», avant l’arrivée du chanteur d’Indochine Nicola Sirkis et sa bande.

Indochine, a French veteran group formed in 1981, which remembers the stages and the tubes, from “L’Aventurier” to “I demand the moon”, on traversing the generations, repairing the scene after a reporter from at (au prtemps-été 2022) la tournée de ses 40 ans, à cause de la crise sanitaire.

This experiment, which was realized in Europe, was a serpent of the sea in France, and it was reported to be more expensive. At the end of the day, on the basis of the net amelioration of the sanitary situation, the two days of the overture of the vaccination for all adults.

But the rest is important for the sector of the spectacle, which is the reprise in points, but the fire will be lost on May 19 with the concerts of Assisi, with distance.

For instant, the festival debuts on this authorization are this in France, but with a limit of one person all 4 m2. Number of festivals on the day of the show (Holidays, Eurocéennes), seuls de rares évenénes se tenant, le plus souvent en format assis et avec jauge (Francofolies, Printemps de Bourges, Vieilles Charrues).

Tous les participants devront se faire tester deux fois

A festival for 4 m2, “it looks like it will divide the garden by 12. For a sector that is full of fiction, this is the directorate general of the Syndicate of French music and variety (Prodiss), Malika Séguineau , which porte le projet avec l’AP-HP (Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris) pour le volet scientifique, avec le soutien du gouvernement.

To one of the regional selections in France, plus politicians before the displacement, dont the Minister of Sante Olivier Veran, the President of the Ile-de-France region Valérie Pécresse and the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.

The study will be able to dismantle the fact that they are negatively tested in Covid-19 in front, the spectators do not want to be at risk of contaminating the concert at normal times.

The experiment, due to the first results that are present in June, is not open to 18-45 years, which does not represent risks of severe forms (obesity, hypertension) in case of contamination.

On 20,000 volunteers, a group of 7,500, this selection after a premier negative antigen test between mercredi and vendredi, in the Bercy arena, transformed for the occupation in a great laboratory.

Parmi eux, 5,000 people vont pouvoir danser sur «Tes Yeux Noirs», tandis que 2,500 volontaires, le groupe «contrôle», devront rester chez eux. All participants are invited to take a test of salivary samedi, which is another day plus tard. The number of houses is compared to the two groups.

The experiment was also to test the inclusion of a negative test in the application of tousanticovid, prefigurant le sanitaire, qui a été adoptedé par le Parlement cette semaine. Enfin, the chambers doivent permettre de mesurer tout au long du concert si le masque est toujours bien porté, mais pas pour viser tel ou tel spectator, assurent les organizers.

The preceding experiences, in Spain or at Royaume-Uni, are not subject to a risk of contamination. However, the results of the European Concert Test premiered in Barcelona in December (500 people) are extrapolable. faible.

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