That time of year has come when the fateful question is pronounced: “What are you doing in August?”.

And you still don’t know what to answer? No problem. After reading this article you will know what to do; you just have to choose that sport that most of all you would like to try and organize yourself.

Here is 5 action sport that will make you live an adrenaline-filled and full of emotions Ferragosto.

SKATEBOARDING: If you can’t move from the city, you can always celebrate your Ferragosto around the streets with a skateboard under your feet. Evan Smith, DC rider, is the proof! To do skateboarding there is no need to go far; it is still an interesting means to use when you go to the discovery of a city or when you want to challenge a friend to the sound of tricks in a skatepark.

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MOTOCROSS: Do you want to celebrate in the middle of nature? Then do as the fox rider Ryan Dungey who with his motocross bike set off to discover places never explored. The freshness of the undergrowth and the indescribable views will give you unforgettable moments.

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SURFING: If, on the other hand, you are a lover of the scorching sun and waves. You can always equip yourself with a wetsuit, surfboard and catapult yourself into the sea. Like the Roxy rider Bruna Schmitz, Kelia Moniz and Mainei Kinimaka.

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SNOWBOARDING: Did you know that even in summer it is possible to practice it snowboarding? If you want to escape from the busy metropolitan life and want to admire snow-capped peaks, then it is the perfect choice! Word of the CAPiTA rider Miles Fallon.

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WAKEBOARDING: Obviously, celebrating Ferragosto on the beach is always one of the most popular options. But what do you think about giving an extra pinch of adrenaline to the day with a good session wakeboarding? There Roxy rider Claudia Pagnini would absolutely agree.

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