44 decades ago in Italy, the number plus the last October

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Italy has registered 44 days since Covid-19, which is a more favorable balance sheet than plus seven months, which continues to progress in the vaccination campaign.

The preceding balance was plus a single daily renovation on October 14 in Italy with 43 mortars.

The first country in Europe touched on the 2020 pandemic, Italy is also one of the most viruses this year, plus, in this day, a total number of decades 126,046.

The positives accounted for 2,949 votes to earn more than 4,216 million, including the data of the Civil Protection and the Minister of Health.

In the same time, the number of people suffering from an active infection due to coronavirus with a diminutive of 3,670 is established at 236,296, the number of which is more than just one month.

Some 34.2 million doses of vaccines on these administrations and 11.8 million people – with more than 20% of the population – are completely vaccinated, indicated by the government.

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, prolonged, dimanche, the interdiction of the territory on the territory for the persons in the provenance of the Indus, the Bangladesh and the Sri Lanka.

This interdiction, which constitutes a precaution against the variant of the Indian virus, plus transmissible, and this prolonged use until June 21, declared a password. She did not apply to Italian citizens.

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