3 ways to speed up your DIY manicure, who wants to wait for the nail polish to dry?

Wait for it Nial Polish dry is a special form of torture, even for someone who is a generally patient person. But when you don’t have time to run to the salon and treat yourself to a shiny acrylic or gel manicure, there is only one option: go with the do-it-yourself.

The result? We find ourselves blowing on wet nail polish for much longer than we would like.

Are you looking to improve your nail artist skills or are you just constantly changing your nail color out of pure boredom? We have collected a few easy tips to speed up your manicure and make the drying process and the inevitable a little less boring waiting.


Apply the nail polish in thin layers

It sounds counterintuitive, but it really works time consuming.

Apply the nail polish thinner than you want, of course you will have to do a few passes, but a thin layer of nail polish dries very quickly. Conversely, a thick layer takes forever to dry, it will likely smudge or even dent.

Consider a quick-drying formula

If you want to take no more than a minute to have perfect nails, consider investing in a quick-drying nail polish. Many brands now make quick-drying formulas. Although you may be sacrificing the shine of your manicure, as many of these formulas dry to a ceramic-like finish.

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Seal it with a top coat

AND It is always a good idea to cover the manicure with a transparent top coat because it lasts longer, but it is also useful for speeding up the drying process. A quick-drying top coat will make a huge difference.

After the polish, apply the quick-drying top coat and you’ll be pretty much done in two minutes flat, the best part is that it adds shine too. In short: polish, seal and move on with your life.

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