21finance integrates banking service in B2B marketplace

A new partnership between 21finance and the von der Heydt bank now activates a banking service for the company’s own B2B marketplace.

Digitization in the financial sector continues. A new partnership between 21finance and the Von der Heydt banking house is now adding a banking service to the existing digital marketplace of the Liechtenstein fintech. The company announced this in a press release that BTC-ECHO has received. Accordingly, the new service is aimed at financial institutions and other intermediaries. From now on, they will have the opportunity to participate in the “MaaS” platform of 21finance under their own brand. In addition, according to the company, the marketplace offers banks, asset and wealth managers, issuing houses and sales organizations throughout Europe a “quick and inexpensive entry into digital direct sales”.

As a reminder: in May of this year, 21finance launched its own regulated and digital “Marketplace as a Service” (MaaS) for B2B applications. So far, however, the platform has only been limited to trading and custody of traditional and digital assets. That should change with the further development of the banking service. The existing functions are now being expanded to include a connection to cash accounts, the provision of a paying agent and liability umbrella services. The package now also includes the onboarding of natural and legal persons.

“Lower costs, open up markets and increase sales”

Max Heinzle, founder and CEO of 21finance, is pleased about the upgrade of the in-house platform:

Together with Bankhaus von der Heydt, we are now providing B2B customers with fully supported white label technology to create, scale and automate their end-to-end offers for private and public placements. By digitizing the entire value chain, our customers’ costs can be significantly reduced, new markets and sales channels can be opened up and sales can thus be increased.

Max Heinzle, founder and CEO of 21finance.

Sebastian Liebscher, Vice President of Bankhaus von der Heydt, says about the partnership with 21finance:

The jointly developed solution is characterized by the agile structure of the platform. Depending on the needs of the respective customer and the existing licenses, services can be added or removed. With this flexibility we can meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

Sebastian Liebscher, Vice President Bankhaus von der Heydt

In addition, both financial service providers announced that they would continuously develop their joint offers and adapt them to the needs of the market. They are already working on other product features. However, it is still unclear when it will be implemented in the B2B marketplace.

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