16 Years and Pregnant. Season 8: Veronica’s Story

Veronica is among the protagonists of the new season of 16 Years and Pregnant, aired every Thursday at 10pm on MTV (Sky 130) and streamed on NOW (Watch it discovering NOW’s offer here) AISPA (Italian Association of Sexology and Applied Psychology) they analyzed the experience of her pregnancy.

Veronica, 18, and Vittorio, 20, are expecting their first child Liam. The two boys did not welcome the news of the pregnancy very well, both do not feel ready for such an important task at their age and have considered abortion.

Becoming parents at a very young age is a great responsibility that not everyone is ready to face and it can happen that when two parents do not feel ready to welcome the new arrival, the idea of ​​not carrying the pregnancy to term is considered. To have a greater awareness of the situation and to be able to make the right decision in a moment of great confusion, Veronica embarked on a journey to the hospital where she was followed by social workers and psychologists, after which she decided not to terminate the pregnancy.

In making this decision, however, Veronica did not include Vittorio very much, who in the face of his partner’s decision needed time to think about it, generating in Veronica the fear of being able to lose him. In the past, the couple often found themselves quarreling because of Vittorio’s closed nature, in the face of such important decisions communication is essential and both parents must be involved in the choices in order to remain united and not drift apart in such a delicate moment. Vittorio is a very stubborn boy and often difficult to decipher, he has a closed character but accepts the help of others, and it is thanks to the support of his family that he understood the importance that Veronica has in his life and accepted his decision to carry the pregnancy to term.

In facing this great life change Veronica will therefore be supported by her partner in becoming a mother and in facing the birth of the child, she will also be able to count on the support of her family and that of Vittorio, with whom she has a very good relationship. Having a good family support network in dealing with pregnancy is essential to feel accompanied and to be able to face this path with serenity. If on the one hand, however, the couple found great support from both families, on the other, the friends of both moved away instead of helping, supporting and advising them, putting the couple in front of another change.

Becoming parents in adolescence is a great responsibility and can lead to complications in the social sphere, you are projected into the world of adults and you are faced with different problems than those encountered up to that moment, it may happen that friends distance themselves not. reflecting in this experience and that the couple face problems of social isolation.

These changes in friendships have not lightened the period of life full of stress and fears in which Veronica finds herself, who had to face a highly stressful event right away: an infection that caused her uterus to shorten and led her to have a high-risk pregnancy. In this difficult moment she has left and entered the hospital several times and it is important that she remain at rest for her own sake and for her unborn child. As a new mother, Veronica is very frightened about giving birth, but knowing that her partner Vittorio will be next to her at that moment and will be able to give her the support she needs is heartening.

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