16 Years and Pregnant. Season 8: Swami’s Story

Swami is among the protagonists of the new season of 16 Years and Pregnant, airing every Thursday at 10pm on MTV (Sky 130) e streaming on NOW (Watch it discovering NOW’s offer here) AISPA (Italian Association of Sexology and Applied Psychology) they analyzed the experience of her pregnancy.

Swami is a young girl of 17 who, following her first sexual relationship with Matteo, became pregnant and is now the sweet expectation of little Kristal.

Due to the misinformation present nowadays, especially among young people, it is believed that the first sexual intercourse does not get pregnant, but this is false: a woman at her first time can get pregnant. This is why, to avoid unwanted pregnancies and protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, it is important to protect yourself adequately by using birth control methods from the first intercourse. Are there any other myths about the first time? Unfortunately; let’s see them together.

Will it be painful?

One of the main fears of girls when they think about their first sexual relationship is that they may feel pain. From a research conducted by AISPA (Italian Association of Applied Sexology and Psychology) which in the context of a sexual education course asked adolescents aged between 13 and 15 to express a curiosity, a desire and a fear related to sexuality had resulted as a girl in 3 expressed fear of feeling bad during the first sexual intercourse

In our cultural model having pain during the first intercourse is considered as something inevitable for the woman, often the prediction of pain becomes the cause of the pain itself. In the face of misinformation on her own anatomical characteristics, the girl experiences that moment with fear and consequently experiences greater anxiety by contracting the vaginal muscles as a defense. It is understandable how in such a situation the penetration can cause pain, with the risk that this experience will go to confirm the previous fears. It is therefore useful to become aware of this mechanism to avoid creating a negative vicious circle.

Will I live up to his expectations?

Another fear that often accompanies the experience of the first time may be that of not being up to the role, this is because we are charged with expectations that risk generating in this case a state of anxiety that is then reflected. on the physical component. No one is born a master, not even in the field of sexuality. Fear of judgment is the enemy of pleasure and is therefore best avoided.

Will I lose a lot of blood?

During the first sexual intercourse it is possible that there is a loss of blood which can be more or less slight, this happens because the hymen (the membrane that is at the entrance of the vagina) can undergo small lacerations that generate bleeding. The phenomenon varies from person to person, the hymen can have different conformations and be more or less elastic, consequently it is not said that this necessarily tears and therefore blood is lost.

The first time is an important moment in life that can be experienced differently by each girl; to avoid facing all the difficulties experienced by Swami or even worse having to choose to terminate an accidental pregnancy, it is good to plan the use of effective contraception by contacting your local clinic.

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